To download a PDF version of the PCI/IAS Certifications or the PCI approved CSI 3-Part GFRC Specification press the PLANT CERTIFICATIONS or SPECIFICATIONS buttons above.

Why require a PCI Plant Certification for GFRC?

GFRC is an engineered product whose fabrication requires a greater degree of craftsmanship and control than conventional precast concrete. As a result, it is critical for manufacturers to implement an active Quality Assurance program that adheres to recognized standards, and incorporates best industry practices. The PCI plant certification program achieves this by issuing detailed GFRC specifications and manuals that reflect best industry practices over the last 20 years in panel design and fabrication (MNL-128-01), and Quality Assurance systems (MNL-130-91). To ensure compliance with these demanding and time-proven standards, PCI certified suppliers undergo two unannounced annual audits.

Beware of non-certified Suppliers

Non-certified GFRC suppliers will often provide you with their own proprietary “Specification” that offers little information about the materials and methods used to manufacture the product, what is included in their Scope of Work, or how they control product quality and consistency. Unlike PCI certified plants, their quality systems are not audited by independent engineering firms. Some will claim that they are PCI Certified, or that they “meet the requirements” of the PCI Certification program. If you are uncertain, a current listing of PCI Certified suppliers is maintained on the PCI website at